Multiple Teeth Replacement

Many people struggle doing the simple things in life just because they are missing multiple teeth in their mouth. Dr. Andrew C. Dreyer hates to see that happen, which is why he offers multiple teeth replacement with dental implants in Bakersfield, California!

We use a fixed bridge on implants at the dental practice of Andrew C. Dreyer, DDS, MS to give you the teeth you need to function normally in your everyday life. This involves your periodontist installing implants on both ends of the gap left by the missing teeth. This is done in one visit, and your periodontist will give you a temporary bridge to make it possible for you to function normally immediately after the appointment. After one to two months, your permanent bridge will be attached. The new bridge will be able to cope with all of the pressure that your natural teeth did. This is a strong and stable option that gives you the ability to eat what you want, speak normally, and smile with confidence.

This technique not only gives you the strength and durability you need, but it will also fill out your facial appearance and preserve your jaw bone. You might experience a little bit of bruising and swelling, but that is normal. You can treat the pain with an ordinary painkiller. You will be able to recover and return to work the next day.

To learn more about multiple teeth replacements, we welcome you to call our office today. We will be happy to speak with you!