Periodontal Disease and Diabetes

Many people with diabetes are more susceptible to getting periodontal disease, which is also considered to be the sixth complication of diabetes. If you have diabetes, Dr. Andrew C. Dreyer recommends that you are consistent with your six-month checkups. If you see him regularly, it can reduce the risk of being infected by periodontitis and also help you control your diabetes.

Your periodontist will check your health by reviewing your medical history, family history, and taking X-rays of your mouth and jaw to locate any risks you are vulnerable to. If it is needed, our team at the dental practice of Andrew C. Dreyer, DDS, MS will keep in touch with your other doctors to make sure we are giving you the proper care you need.

If you are suffering from periodontal disease and diabetes in Bakersfield, California, our periodontist may treat the problem with scaling and root planing. This involves removing dental calculus above and below the gum line and then smoothing the tooth to avoid any other bacteria from coming back again. If this non-surgical technique does not produce the desired results, our periodontist might suggest a surgical procedure that will do the job.

If you are suffering from diabetes but you’re not sure if you have periodontitis, call our office today and set up an appointment.