Single Tooth Replacement

Have you lost a permanent tooth due to decay, injury, or trauma? If so, our team at the dental practice of Andrew C. Dreyer, DDS, MS offers single tooth replacement through implant dentistry in Bakersfield, California!

Single tooth replacements done by Dr. Andrew C. Dreyer are natural-looking teeth that feel and function like normal teeth would. This is also a good option when both your tooth crown and root are damaged, which involves both an implant and ceramic crown placement. This treatment gives you fully functional teeth immediately and requires shorter treatment time with minimized pain.

The technique usually involves four trips to the dentist and begins with your periodontist taking X-rays and examining your mouth to prepare you for the implant. The second visit will involve installing the implant. A temporary tooth will be provided to you that will allow you to function and eat normally. The temporary tooth will be provided because it will take the implant a few months to integrate with the jawbone in order to take the next step. The third visit is when your periodontist attaches the new crown. Once it is installed, it is secured there for life. The fourth visit will just be to make sure everything is functioning normally. You can also expect to return to work the day after having the implant installed.

Do you want to fill the missing space in your mouth? Call our office today and set up an appointment!