Periodontal Disease, Heart Disease, and Stroke

Studies have found that people with gum disease may also suffer from coronary heart disease and increase the risk of having a stroke. If you are worried about these conditions, your periodontist can work with both you and your cardiologist to make sure you receive the best care possible.

Research has shown a few links between heart disease, stroke, and periodontal disease, which include the following:

  • Inflammation: One of the symptoms of periodontitis involves severe inflammation of the gums. When your gums swell, your white blood cell count and high sensitivity C-reactive protein levels elevate, which can increase the risk or worsen heart disease.
  • Oral Bacteria Affecting the Heart: When bacteria from periodontitis are released into the bloodstream, they attach to the heart vessels and create a clot formation, which affects the functionality of the heart and enhances the risk of a heart attack.
  • Infectious Susceptibility: If you have high levels of oral bacteria, you could have a very weak immune system, which can induce a vascular effect that can contribute to the formation of heart disease.

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