Pocket Reduction Surgery

Pocket reduction is a way for Dr. Andrew C. Dreyer to gain access to the roots of your teeth so he can remove any bacteria or tartar. This process is also known as gingivectomy, osseous surgery, or flap surgery, and can eliminate inflammation and save teeth.

The treatment involves your periodontist lifting your gums back and removing the tartar. If you have small hidden holes that your periodontist finds, he can also smooth the area so there are no chances of a bacterial infection in the future. We will then place the gums snugly around the tooth, which can minimize the space between the gum and the tooth. This can help decrease the chance of serious health conditions associated with periodontal disease in the future.

You might feel some discomfort following flap surgery in Bakersfield, California, but it will not be enough to need strong medications. You might also feel sensitive to hot or cold liquids, and you might feel as though your teeth are more loose or mobile than before the treatment, but the feelings of sensitivity and mobility will slowly disappear with time.

Do you have any questions about pocket reduction surgery? We welcome you to call the dental practice of Andrew C. Dreyer, DDS, MS today, and we will be happy to help you!