Scaling and Root Planning

Dr. Andrew C. Dreyer offers scaling and root planing in Bakersfield, California, to treat periodontal disease. This process removes etiologic agents that cause swelling in the gums and surrounding bones. The agent is usually found in dental plaque and calculus, and when your periodontist removes them, the cleansing will work very effectively for sufferers of gingivitis and prevent periodontitis from growing.

After our team thoroughly examines your mouth and decides to perform a scaling and root planing procedure, your periodontist will take X-rays, measure your gum pockets, and test your mouth for bleeding, loose teeth, and inflammation. If it is obvious that you need the scaling and root planing treatment, your periodontist will decide a time that is appropriate to start.

Scaling is a procedure in which Dr. Andrew C. Dreyer uses a special dental instrument to remove the calculus and plaque from your tooth and root surfaces. If needed, the scaler can spray sterile water into the surface below your gums and eliminate any oral bacteria.

Root planing is a treatment where your periodontist eliminates infection and dentin that is imbedded into the apparent toxins and tartar. We will smooth over the tooth and prevent any future bacteria from colonizing there.

For more information on root planing and scaling, call our office today! We will be happy to answer any questions you might have.