Sinus Augmentation

Many people desire to replace their missing teeth with implants, but sometimes there are complications that can make it hard to do so. Dr. Andrew C. Dreyer offers sinus augmentation in Bakersfield, California, to fill the hollow air space above your molars that is causing that complication.

Sinus augmentation treatments involve your periodontist performing a variety of bone grafting techniques that allow the regeneration of bone in the hollow air space. This provides a strong and durable foundation for your new implants. This technique involves your periodontist making an incision inside your mouth that is adjacent to your sinus cavity to expose your jawbone. Dr. Andrew C. Dreyer will make a small opening inside the bone, and the soft tissue membrane lining the sinus is pushed upward. We then fill it with bone graft and close it. The bone graft can be from your own body, from a human donor, from animal sources, or might even be synthetic material. After your new bone heals, which could take several months, your periodontist can place your implants.

If you are interested in this process or would like to know more, call our office today and ask any questions you have or simply set up an appointment to speak with our team. We are excited to work with you!