Ridge Augmentation

Many people suffer from deformities in the upper and lower jaws due to tooth loss, periodontitis, trauma, injury, wearing dentures, or developmental problems. Dr. Andrew C. Dreyer offers ridge augmentation in Bakersfield, California, to fix these deformities and return your smile to optimal health and structure!

Our team at the dental practice of Andrew C. Dreyer, DDS, MS offers this treatment to allow the placement of implants and also give you the appearance you desire. The treatment involves your periodontist separating your gums from the ridge to fully expose the defected bone. We can then fix it by applying bone graft material to regenerate the lost bone. After the material creates a normal bone shape, your periodontist will close the incision. Ridge augmentation treatment is generally expected to take several months to heal. This is a wonderful option that improves your cosmetic appearance, the functionality of your mouth, and the ability to enjoy and love your dental implants for many years.

Your smile is our passion, and we are here to give you the beautiful and natural smile you deserve! We believe that everyone deserves to smile, and if you need a ridge augmentation to help you feel confident in your appearance and allow the place of implants, we are here to help you. If you have any questions about ridge augmentation or other ways to improve your smile, call our office today and find out!