Regenerative Procedures

The normal healing process after tooth loss might end in bone loss, and even the healing process of periodontal disease can result in bone loss, but Dr. Andrew C. Dreyer offers regenerative procedures in Bakersfield, California, to restore health to your gums, bone, and teeth.

We offer a few procedures here at the dental practice of Andrew C. Dreyer, DDS, MS that will do the job and help you have a healthy, strong smile once again. These procedures include:

  • Guided Tissue Regeneration: This treatment restores the bone with surgically implanted materials. This will regenerate the lost bone, soft tissue, and cementum. This is only possible for certain situations, so make sure to consult with your periodontist to make sure this is the right procedure for you.
  • Guided Bone Regeneration: There are times when periodontal disease takes hold of jawbone and begins to deteriorate it, making it thin and weak. We provide guided bone regeneration treatment to build the jawbone back up to its full capacity and make it strong again. This will allow your periodontist to insert dental implants or perform other procedures because the bone is again strong enough to hold the restorations.
  • Sinus Augmentation: Some periodontists suggest getting a bone graft placement into the sinus cavity when working on the back portion of the upper jaw. This will fill the hollow air space before or at the time your periodontist places your implants. This allows the implants to become more dependable and last for several years.

Do you have more questions about the regenerative procedures we offer? Call us today and we will give you the answers you need!